10 Most Admired Successful Pinoy Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Establishing a name in the world of showbiz and entertainment is definitely a good way to influence people into buying one’s products and services. And this particular strategy is common among Filipino celebrities, whether planned or unplanned (as in the case of instant stardom).

Today, the Philippine showbiz industry is not just known for world-class talents but also for successful celebrity entrepreneurs. Here are 10 of the most notable until now.


#10 Carmina Villaroel

via instagram.com/mina_villarroel

A fashion icon of moms and singles in the Philippines, she is actually the owner of a pure Pinoy footwear brand, Muñiz, known for elegance, design, and comfort.

#9 Rachel Alejandro

via instagram.com/racheljalejandro

Rachel who is an award-winning singer and actress owns and manages a healthy diet inspired catering service, The Sexy Chef, with her sister.


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