6 Known 3M Pinoy Celebrities: Maarte, Masungit at Mataray!

While most local celebrities are known as sweet, generous and kind-hearted there are also some who are known for being maarte, masungit and mataray. On a poll posted in a local opinion site, fans voted for the celebrities they think having the 3M attitude. See the list below for the celebrities who got the highest votes on the said poll:

1. Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta
Photo by: mmt.com.ph

Being the host of several past and present talk shows, Ate Shawie is said to be mataray,masungit and plastik to people she’s working with. Some says being plastik is her forte,especially on air. Because as the camera rolls, she seemed okay; but during breaks, she’s not. Ate Shawie has not answered this comment.

2. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino
Photo by: bandera.inquirer.net

Probably one of the most bashed local artist is Kris Aquino. She’s being perceived by most of the viewers as this taklesa and maarte host of her self-titled talk show. In her defense, she said that it’s best to be straightforward and real than to be pretentious.


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